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        Wild harvested teas, essential oils, nuts from A Wild Crops Farm 100% pure no additives, no spraying, no chemicals




Distiller Direct witch Hazel and natural floral essences  on the face of the earth - carefully crafted by people who care!  

Extraordinary Work with wild systems

It starts in a healthy forest

It starts on pristine, remote, wild lands and with the natural alchemy of plants, water and soil. We work in healthy forests, rich in biodiversity. We harvest in places where  there are  often times a hundred different species, all intertwined and interacting chemically. This wild, natural, interaction between species  helps to produce some of the best medicine plants on earth. In competing for light and nutrients wild plants grow  stronger than those row cropped, or cultivated in a field or  garden.

  Guided by experience and mother natures timeline - we only harvest when plants are perfectly ready. 

Our harvests are perfectly timed for the maixium phyto chemicals in the plant. Sometimes, flower heads have so much oil that it could litereally be squeezed out by hand.  We know the proper time to pick each species  and very thoughtfully plan our year's production based on the perfect timing.

 We harvest no plant before its time or after its prime!


Distillation Method

We seperate the living plant material from the boiling flask. No dumping plant material into a can of boiling water, here! Because we are located near wild populations of these plants our raw material is harvested THE SAME DAY as distillation! 


We are grateful to Gary @ heart magic, who has worked with us since the begining!

 The following comes from Gary's Distillation site.:

Maintaining the entire biocontainer at exactly boiling temperature (100c) during production is very important for obtaining maximum quality and quantity of both essential oil and hydrosol. For big systems this usually isn't practical. Big remote steam-fed bio-chambers are usually just sitting out in open air, which by definition allows their walls to be cooled by that air, so some water condensation on the inside of those walls is always going to occur.

Any water that ends up in the biocontainer robs you of potential hydrosol, and also renders any biomaterial it comes in contact with undistillable, and the biomass touching the chamber walls may not get properly distilled at all.
It's a difficult problem... insulating the biocontainer is an answer, but costly and physically cumbersome. Also, in large steam-fed distillers that use separate steam generators, there a continual dance of controlling pressure and temperature of the steam going into the biochamber- tricky to get right.

We've come up with a deceptively clever way around all of this...to keep the biocontainer dry and insulated and not have to hassle with steam pressure or temperature, we simply put the entire biocontainer inside of the boiling chamber!!
Quite different than simply chucking the biomass into the same vessel as the boiling water, we build an entirely separate housing inside of the boiling chamber, and then put the biomass in that "inner" housing.
It makes sense... this way the entire biocontainer is surrounded inside and out by 100 degree steam- Thus the entire system works at exactly 100 degrees c, and the biocontainer stays dry because it cannot condense any water on it's walls.




We do not strip the forest. There is no roller chopping, skidding, or destruction on ouSEE OUR LABRATORY REPORTS ON PURITYr lands.

 Compare our harvest to industrial witch hazel harvests.

We are fair trade:

Our  harvesters make 50.00 or  more a day and are  paid by the lb not by the ton.


We use human and animal power to bring 

fresh witch hazel herb out of the forest.

Why certified wild crop  witch hazel


- Best Seller -

Hamamelis virginiana L folium

Fresh harvested witch hazel leaf distilled pound for pound with distilled water


                 2014  Limited Production -

                               250 gallons, 

   Hamamelis virginiana L folium -hydrosol


   Made pound for pound ratio

            NO PULP OR FILLER           

    No chemicals, no alcohol, 100% fresh, pure,

Hand harvested, wild crafted witch hazel leaf -

one pound in every pint. 

What our clients say

"This is the only product that has ever brought relief for me"

"Your product brought tears to my eyes, it smells so alive'

"Amazing Product"

"I am a nurse, and I understand you cannot tell people about the medical benfits of your product, but it is amazing and works like not other product I have used."


Learn more about   why our witch hazel is so different 

     1 pint bottle Wild Crop Witch Hazel

16 oz Unit $19.95


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 Blends For Summer -

                 Herbal waters for your outings

                    Chocolate Mint Hydrosol  -


Chocolate Peppermint is steam distilled from the entire herb. Some of the active components of this oil are menthol, mentone, limonene, menthene and phellandrene. It is grown and distilled in Canada.

Mint has traditionally been used for various stomach and gastro-intestinal tract ailments such as travel sickness, diarrhea, and heartburn. The most popular use of this essential oil is as a remedy for digestive upsets and it is very beneficial to the stomach, liver and intestines (intestinal antiseptic), making it good to use when dealing with colic, diarrhea, indigestion, vomiting and stomach pains.

Chocolate mint hydrosol can also be used for its cooling effect in feverish The mint cools by constricting capillaries so use in low dilutions.

Another use  is to reduce fatigue and to increase mental alertness. Inhaled directly from the bottle, it will clear the head leaving you feeling fresh and bright.  Spray liberally in front of your face and breath in deeply. The hydrogenation soothes tired cells, and refreshes skin.  

When fighting colds or the flu, peppermint is effective when mixed with Lavender, Eucalyptus or Tea Tree. The mixture will help to clear sinuses (expectorant), calm any stomach upsets or head aches and help the body's immune system fight off infection more effectively.

To help with cleaning and decongesting acneic skin, peppermint can be used in a facial steam. Its mildly antiseptic capabilities help to control the proliferation of bacteria on the surface of the skin. As a double benefit, this can also help to stimulate the brain (like Rosemary & Basil) and clear the head (great before an exam or other mentally taxing event).

Of course, most critters (bugs, mice, spiders, ants) really hate the strong smell emitted by this plant, so to discourage them from invading your space, keep Peppermint around (sprinkle a few drops on areas they frequent and watch them vacate in a hurry).



Yarrow Hydrosol 



 Pinon Pine Cone Essential Oil and Pinon Pine Cone Hydrosol

           JUST Harvested

   Wild Plum Flowers   

Hand harvest wild plum flowers of spring, incredible fresh pure essence that screams come and get me baby

  2 oz sample  Wild Plum $9.95


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